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At its best team work can be a highly energising experience, creating high performance through synergy.  Working in a dysfunctional team can have the opposite effect, limiting potential and engagement of every individual and diminishing the performance results they can achieve together.  Achieving functional team work is therefore a priority for all team leaders.

In a high functioning team, team members benefit from the highly engaging experience of working to their full potential with a sense of ease.  Creating this level of performance requires dedicated conscious commitment by managers.  Our approach is to work with managers and their team members to build every individual’s competency for team work, and to work with the team as a whole to develop a spirit and capability for collaboration.

TCM work in different situations to support this including: where teams are faced with a high performance team challenge, to meet a new or elevated demand for results; to develop collaborative team working practices that enable synergy; and, where conflict in teams is limiting a team’s capability to work effectively together.  Each of our programmes are engaging and experiential with opportunities for both interaction and reflection throughout the programme.  We use personality profiling, business simulations and problem solving to create a dynamic training experience for team members.  All programme can be delivered online or face to face

High Performing Teams

Many of our teams are facing the biggest challenges of their careers and demand an extraordinary response.  Our high-performance team development programmes help to re-orientate communication and team working practices, by focussing each member on individual goals to stretch them.  They create intensity and passion while inspiring collaborative achievement. Our team development programmes can be delivered remotely or face-to-face. The format is highly experiential, allowing teams to understand how high performance can be achieved through focus on specific goals. We’ll develop a bespoke programme that aligns with your unique team’s goals and timeframes.

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Team Synergy

When teams collaborate most effectively they can achieve results which are far more than the sum of their individual contributions.  This is synergy.  Achieving this demands alignment towards shared goals.  Our approach to create team synergy is to develop awareness around team strengths, natural styles and perspectives. Trust is established in each other’s capability and commitment, while boundaries are established to maintain wellness and diversity. These set the foundation for effective innovation, debate and functional conflict. Using experiential activities, either online or face to face, team members explore each of these important aspects of team synergy. They’ll create connections that can be built on to achieve their team goals. 

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Team Mediation

TCM are specialists in team facilitation to help teams overcome dysfunction and conflict. Some of our recent projects include clinical and care teams in NHS trusts, senior executive teams in the charitable sector, National Rail service teams and many more.  We know that with good team facilitation mediation we can always support teams to improve their working relationships and practices. The most recent months have created extra strain.  For anyone managing a team in conflict, we can provide a structured approach to restoring effective and engaging teamwork.

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