TCM has been developing a reputation for providing innovative and highly effective remedies to conflict, change, bullying, incivility, and complaints within Healthcare Trusts and various social care organisations. Our health and social care resolution services and training programmes are delivered by experts with extensive experience of working within the healthcare sector. These include:

  • Supporting healthcare leaders and other stakeholders to embed Fair and Just Cultures.
  • Professional mediation services for healthcare employees.
  • Team mediation, facilitation and team building for clinical and non-clinical teams
  • Setting up in-house mediation schemes for health and social care organisations.
  • Training accredited mediators within health and social care organisations.
  • Designing and delivering high quality bullying reviews and neutral evaluations.
  • Providing professional investigation services and investigation skills training.
  • Embedding alternative HR and ER policies which support a Fair and Just Culture
  • Violence Prevention and Resolution for Healthcare professionals, through our unique VIPAR™ Programme.
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  • Public Health England: TCM trained a team of internal mediators for PHE
  • Health Education England. TCM designed and delivered training for over 100 clinicians, managers and HR across the East of England
  • East London NHS FT: TCM has worked with ELFT to embed a mediation scheme and we have trained 24 inhouse mediators for the Trust.
  • London Ambulance Service. TCM has been working with LAS for several years., We have trained in-house mediators, over 100 round table facilitators and vatous managers in conflict resolution skills. We also offer LAS an outsource mediation services.
  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS FT. TCM has worked with NHFT for several years to embed a Total Conflict Management System. The trust has seen a significant reduction in bullying at work along with many other benefits. This initiative has been subject of a major review by two leading academics. See below
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service. TCM has trained internal investigators for WMAS and we have supported the trust to develop robust investigation procedures and documentation.
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS FT. TCM has helped Chelwest to introduce an in house mediation scheme and we have recently run conflict resolution skills training for managers and other stakeholders.
  • James Paget University Hospitals NHS FT. TCM was commissioned to embed a mediation scheme for James Paget. In addition, we have delivered training for 16 senior mangers and we have trained 140 front line employee and manages in compassionate and confident conversations.
  • Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS FT. TCM was asked to set up an internal mediation scheme for the trust including training a cohort of 12 internal mediators. Since then, we have fostered a strong partnership with the trust and we continue to support them with various facilitation, consultancy and training support
  • St George’s University Hospital NHS FT. TCM has been commissioned to set up an internal mediation scheme for the trust. This includes training a team of trust mediators as well as providing our award winning mediation scheme systems.
  • HPMA. TCM runs regular workshops for the HPMA including conflict resolution skills, facilitated conversations and investigation skills.
  • NHS Improvement. TCM works closely with NHSI to develop their thinking regarding tackling violence and bullying.
  • The Homerton University Hospital NHS FT. We have worked with the Trust for several years to embed a culture of mediation including training accredited internal mediators and supporting the design and implementation of a trust wide mediation scheme.


Year after year and initiative after initiative, the NHS staff survey results are published, detailing that bullying and harassment remains an extensive and challenging problem in the health sector. 24 per cent of all NHS staff (one in four people) having reported that they have experienced bullying in some way.

If left untreated, bullying at work will continue to have a significant and detrimental impact across the NHS: increased staff turnover; increasing absence levels; poor morale; disengagement; poor productivity; reputational damage and a continued impact on patient care. Bullying is, and remains, the number one priority for NHS leaders. However, year after year, and initiative after initiative, the problem seems to persist

The TCM Group has experience of working with numerous NHS Trusts and healthcare providers all of whom use mediation, compassionate management and collaborative HR processes to save money, reduce stress and increase employee wellbeing. These organisations are taking proactive steps to tackle bullying and harassment in the NHS workplace head on!

Please contact TCM now on 0800 294 9787 or by email, [email protected], to discuss how we can help your NHS Trust to deal with workplace bullying – once and for all.


An Integrated Conflict Management system can be adopted either in its entirety or per intervention.

  • Board Ownership – Each NHS Organisation must acknowledge the scale of its bullying. TCM can operate at Board level to embed a value based culture within your Trust
  • Behaviours – Good behaviour starts at the top and this necessitates boards and senior leaders modelling behaviour they expect from others. TCM can offer training at all levels on the behaviours that are expected – respect, support, learning, non blame and listening.
  •  Analysis – Boards need to analysis data by department and occupation to identify hotspots and make it a priority to tackle them. TCM can offer neutral evaluations with recommendations for tackling your hot spots. These could include interventions such as Team Coaching or providing training to managers so they are confident in tackling bullying and having those.
  • A Resolution Policy – TCM can support you in getting your policies right, moving away form a grievance and blame culture and instead shining a light on resolution.
  • Tackling Violence and Aggression against NHS Employees – TCM can offer either half day or full day courses to train staff on de-escalation skills.
  • Preventative Approach – A culture is created which is values driven where it is safe to report being bullied and concerns are addressed quickly. TCM can provide external investigations and mediations. We can also offer accredited mediation training so you have your own team of in house mediators.


Independent report into the development of a TCM System system within Northumbria Healthcare NHS FT. Described by the authors as one of the most effective examples of an integrated conflict management system ever seen in the UK [DOWNLOAD THE NHS FT REPORT]

Case study from London Ambulance Service explaining how they used mediation and round table conversations to tackle bullying at work. [DOWNLOAD THE LAS CASE STUDY]

Case study from Kent. Surrey and Sussex Leadership Academy explaining the powerful impact that TCM’s Confident Conversation programme had on over 100 managers and clinicians across the KSS. [DOWNLOAD THE KSS CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONS CASE STUDY]

HSJ article by David Liddle ‘Mediation, now your talking. Including a 10 step guide for setting up an internal NHS mediation scheme. [LINK TO THE HSJ ARTICLE ‘MEDIATION NOW YOUR TALKING’]

Resolving Bullying in the NHS – a best practice webinar

The NHS staff survey 2018 has now been published and, for many trusts, bullying and harassment remains a stubborn problem which sits firmly at the top of their agenda. If left untreated, bullying at work will continue to have a significant and detrimental impact: increased staff turnover; increasing absence levels; poor morale; disengagement; poor productivity; reputational damage and a continued impact on patient care. Bullying is, and remains, the number one priority for NHS leaders. However, year after year, and initiative after initiative, the problem seems to persist

Our webinar ‘Resolving Bullying in the NHS: a best practice guide.’ allows us to share best practice with NHS leaders, HR and others to help them to manage and resolve bullying at work. Specifically designed for the NHS, this webinar provides tried and tested remedies supported by case studies from trusts who have implemented them.

The webinar explores:

• A whole systems approach for tackling bullying in the NHS.
• Developing evidence based, principles led and outcomes-oriented approaches to tackling bullying at work.
• Why it’s time to reframe the problem and begin to focus on resolution.
• Developing a Just and Fair Culture within your Trust.
• The role that HR, managers and unions can play in tackling bullying at work.

For more information about any of TCM’s services for the NHS, please contact us at [email protected]

Guest speakers on this webinar include:

  • David Liddle, Founder and CEO of The TCM Group.
  • Patricia Grealish. Director of People and Culture at London Ambulance Service.
  • David Harris. Director of People and OD at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership FT.
  • Harprit Hockley. Organisational Development Lead at NHS Improvement/NHS England

Managing Conflict by David LiddleManaging Conflict. A practical guide to resolution in the workplace (Kogan Page/CIPD)

David Liddle’s new book, Managing Conflict (CIPD/Kogan Page), provides numerous toolkits and checklists to help employees, managers and HR to resolve conflict constructively and to de-escalate difficult situations. It includes case studies from Tesco, Arcadia Group, The Metropolitan Police, Capgemini and many, many others.

‘David Liddle has written an incredibly useful book that shows how to measure the costs of conflict in any workplace, and how to prevent and resolve it.  It is insightful and immensely practical, and I recommend it highly.’ Kenneth Cloke, best selling author and thought leader. 

Available now from Amazon by clicking here


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