The People and Culture Excellence Award

Celebrating best practice in people and cultural change.

The People and Culture Excellence Award™ is a hallmark of good practice.  It is awarded to companies who can demonstrate they are breaking the mould and moving away from traditional damaging, divisive ways of resolving disputes and are embedding a person centred and values based culture. One of the signs of a healthy workplace culture is the ability to celebrate success. The People and Culture Award™ is a great way to celebrate your achievements and to say thank you to everyone who has played their part on the journey

To qualify for the award, organisations need to demonstrate that they are achieving the six ‘C’s of TCM:  Conflict, Culture, Change, Collaboration, Communication and Community.

The standard for managing conflict & cultural change.

In order to achieve the People and Culture Excellence Award™, organisations must demonstrate that they are achieving the 6 C’s of TCM. Specifically, applicants will need to demonstrate good practice in the following areas:

  • A values-driven approach to managing conflict
  • A strategic focus on people, informed by hard evidence
  • People-centred HR policies and ER processes
  • A mediation first approach – both internally with staff and externally with customers
  • Conduct of fair and robust investigations
  • The use of Restorative Justice in tackling disciplinary and misconduct issues where it is appropriate.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of conflict management initiatives
  • A commitment to sharing best practice with others.

Recognising your efforts to create a person centred- values based organisation

Achievement of the People and Culture Excellence Award™ sends a clear signal that your organisation is a great place to work and to do business with. It demonstrates that your leaders, managers and HR department place a high value on the well-being of its people and you are committed to dealing with diversity and difference in a positive way.

At a time when companies are competing for the best people in a diminishing pool of talent, it will help to position the business as an employer of choice.

It demonstrates that your values are more than words on a lobby wall. That they inform your strategy, yor policies, your recruitment practices  and your leadership behaviours

The award will also help to raise the profile of the HR team and position them at the cutting edge of innovative practice.

A simple yet robust application process:

The application process involves a number of key steps:

  • Notify TCM of your intention to apply for the People and Culture Excellence Award™ and we will allocate one of our team to work with you.
  • You will need to submit an online application form including as much evidence as possible in support of each question.
  • We will undertake an initial assessment of your application and provide preliminary feedback before an onsite visit.
  • A panel from TCM will visit your organisation for one full day to discuss your application. During this day, we will run a focus group with at least 20 employees. In addition, we will run a series of short one to one interviews with:
    • A senior manager
    • A line manager
    • Someone from HR who manages conflict
    • A member of your mediation team
    • Someone from the union (if applicable)
    • A sample of employees
  • If successful, you will be provided with a certificate and a plaque/trophy. The Award is valid for a period of three years at which time, you will have to undergo a re-validation process.

The fee for the entire process starts at £3,995 + VAT.

For further information or to discuss an application, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 294 9787.

Managing Conflict by David Liddle

Managing Conflict. A practical guide to resolution in the workplace (Kogan Page/CIPD)

David Liddle’s new book. Managing Conflict (CIPD/Kogan Page), provides a blueprint for organisations who wish to transform their approaches for managing conflict and for delivering a culture shift. It provides a solid basis for The Conflict and Culture Excellence Award™. The book also contain toolkits and checklists to help you embed mediation into your organisation. It includes case studies from Tesco, Arcadia Group, The Metropolitan Police, Capgemini and many, many others.

“Conflict is inevitable – indeed a healthy level of conflict enables organisations to grow. It’s when that conflict becomes unhealthy that it stifles the organisation and the employees within it. David Liddle’s book is a practical, pragmatic and essential guide to understanding and managing what is often regarded as a taboo subject […] Managing Conflict is required reading” Martin Blackburn, UK People Director, KPMG

Available now from Amazon by clicking here

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