Team Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Introducing TCM’s team mediation, team facilitation and team coaching services.

At TCM, we successfully work with groups and teams ranging from three to thirty participants (sometimes even more). We help to resolve complex and seemingly intractable team and group disputes and we help teams during periods of transition and uncertainty. We specialise in helping teams to unlock their potential by engaging them in constructive and supportive dialogue. We work with many different team structures with differing and complex needs. This could include a divided project team who need professional support to resolve a complex inter-personal dynamic or a high performing team who want to come together to identify a shared vision and agree a new set of goals and objectives.

Resolving conflicts within work and project teams.

Any team can be impacted by conflict at any time. In fact, conflict in a team is a healthy sign that the team is beginning to move into a high performing state. However, sometimes, conflict can spill over into division and dysfunction. The conflict can knock a previously high functioning team off course. It Is precisely at these times that external, professional support can help to get the team back on track.

At TCM, we have identified five types of team conflict:

  1. All against one. One person has been identified by others as the problem. This situation can result in mobbing if not resolved.
  2. The 50/50 split. The team has been divided down the middle with factions or cliques forming. This can result in the team losing focus and becoming inefficient and dysfunctional.
  3. The Meltdown. In these conflicts, the situation is dynamic and alliances change quickly. These situations can be exciting for some and stressful for others. Either way, they rarely produce high performance or team cohesion.
  4. The Abuser. In these situations, a charismatic individual abuses their authority or power. We tend to get asked to work with the team when the individual has left and the remaining team members need to get back onto their feet.
  5. Silos. This is more about inter-group working and how different teams work in opposition to each other. Such conflicts can be a waste of resources and can undermine organizational effectiveness.

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Time to hang up the boxing gloves?

TCM mediators resolve complex team and group conflicts. Team mediation draws together all members of a team to enable them to reach a new consensus. The mediators will work with you to prepare fully and agree the terms of reference before meeting all parties individually*.

On the mediation day, we create a safe space where the whole team can come together for a day to talk about what is affecting them individually and collectively. We help the team re-connect to the organisation’s values and work together towards a mutually acceptable resolution. We help the team to develop co-operative and productive working practices that will serve them well for the future.

The team mediation day is carefully structured to ensure that all team members can participate fully. The aims of the mediation day may include:

  • To discuss and explore the nature and impact of the conflict and the dynamics of the team relationships.
  • To consider team members conflict management styles and preferences.
  • To draw out learning and insights from the past which will inform future working practices and relationships.
  • To engage all parties in a process of inclusive discussion and decision making.

At TCM, we have a strong commitment to providing after-care for our clients, which means that we don’t just walk away when the team mediation is complete. Where appropriate, we work with the HR team and other relevant stakeholders to look at what learning has come out of the exercise for the organisation as a whole. We’re also on the end of the phone for the following 12 months to provide any additional advice that may be needed and to help ensure the team stays on track.

*In some cases, we may identify specific points of conflict between two or three individuals. In these cases, we are able to offer workplace mediation as required outside of the whole team approach.

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A shared vision, goals and objectives.

Team facilitation is used within new and existing teams to develop the team structure, vision, values, culture, behaviours and relationships which put it on track for continued and greater success in the future.

The team facilitation process is similar to team mediation, however, unlike team mediation, there is not a discernible conflict at the offset. The TCM facilitators role is to undertake a deep dive into the team and to help the team to identify a series of shared solutions to any challenges which the team members identify. These may include poor communication, hidden agendas, unclear roles or goals and ambiguous reporting lines.

Team facilitation is about securing shared meaning within a team and agreeing a set of agreed goals and objectives which are aligned to the overall corporate strategy. Team facilitation delivers  increased levels of motivation, improved synergy and enhanced levels of collaborative working across the team.

Team facilitation works particularly well pre- or post-merger or acquisition (M&A) to support the development of a new culture and the sometimes difficult period of transitioning to a new way of working.

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Unlocking the potential within a team

TCM’s team coaching services are suitable for teams who want to exceed expectations. Our team coaches offer a unique blend of knowledge and experience gained from a wide variety of roles including: senior leadership,  organisational design, psychology, human resources, learning and development and negotiation.

Each team coaching assignment is individually tailored to ensure that the teams unique needs, characteristics and objectives are met.

The benefits of TCM’s team coaching include:

  • Move a team from good to great at pace.
  • Create an environment where team members can bring the very best of themselves to the workplace.
  • Unlock the synergies and benefits that come from working within a diverse team.

Team coaching requires commitment from the employer and the team members. It is often fast paced and requires work to be done outside of coaching sessions. Whilst most sessions are run as a team, the TCM coaches may also spend time on a one to one basis with team members.

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Q:  Issues within the team have reached crisis point.  How quickly can you help?

A: We will have allocated the mediator, facilitator or coach within 24 hours of receipt of a formal request. It will take approximately five to ten days before we are onsite and meeting all parties. The entire process will last for 3-5 days depending on the size of the team

Q:  What if some of the team members don’t want to get involved in mediation?

A: It is a reasonable request of an employee that they meet with us in a private meeting. We can explain what the process is and how it works. Usually by being open, empathetic and realistic, parties will choose to engage in the main team day. If they decide not to, it is then up to you what, if any, action you will take.

Q:  How do we make sure people stick to what’s been agreed?

A: The final agreement is created by the team themselves based on their shared needs, goals, hopes and expectations. In that sense, it is their own agreement rather than one that is imposed on them. They hold themselves and each other to account. We maintain contact with the team for 12 months and we check in regularly to see how the situation is proceeding.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Our team mediation, facilitation and coaching services are tailor-made to fit your needs.  Contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your specific circumstances.

TCM provides team mediation, team facilitation and team coaching.TCM are experts at resolving team issues and transforming teams from good to great.

Team mediation, team facilitation and team coaching are specialist and advanced areas of expertise. We have been providing mediators, facilitators and coaches to work with groups and teams for almost twenty years.

Our mediators, facilitators and coaches are highly skilled at engaging the parties into the process; creating an inclusive environment where everyone can participate equally; creating the conditions for a change in culture, behaviours and mindset; spotting problems before they occur and resolving problems quickly when they do. Team mediation, team facilitation and team coaching provide all members of a team with the opportunity to reach a positive, appropriate and sustainable outcomes. These are truly transformative processes and the feedback that we receive from our clients tells its own story.

Please call us now on 0800 294 97 87 or complete our short enquiry form and someone will call you straight back to discuss your needs and objectives.

What are the benefits?

Our customers tell us that our team mediation, facilitation and coaching services deliver tangible benefits for the team and for the organisation as a whole:

  • Helps teams reach a positive, appropriate and sustainable resolution to their issues.
  • Restores effective, productive and harmonious working relationships.
  • Leads to enhanced productivity, performance and profitability.
  • Improves morale, well-being and general attitude to work.
  • Results in reduced stress and stress-related absence.
  • Helps team to develop a shared vision, goals and objectives.
  • Can enhance the reputation of the team and the organisation.

Any team can find itself in a difficult situation. The question  is – how does the team resolve it?

How to find out more…

Please call TCM’s National Mediation Helpline on 0800 294 97 87

You are welcome to contact us with any type of mediation related enquiry. We are passionate and knowledgeable about resolving conflict in teams and we welcome any questions that you have.

Free workplace mediation consultation days and workshops

If you would like to know more about mediation, we can visit you to deliver a free ‘Mediation Eye Opener’ workshop for up to 16 delegates. During the workshop we will explain how mediation works and we will answer any questions that you have. For more information call 0800 294 97 87 or email us here.

Did you know that we also run complimentary mediation and conflict management workshops at The TCM Academy in London? Click here for more details





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