The RISE Programme™

The RISE Programme from TCM

RISE: Retailers Investing in a Safer Environment.

The RISE Programme™ has been developed in partnership with The Safer Business Network, The Metropolitan Police and the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The aim of RISE™ is to assist retailers, shop-workers, security personnel and door supervisors to reduce the incidence and threat of conflict, abuse, violence and theft. In two recent reports, The BBC identified a doubling of violence against retail staff and a report from USDAW suggested that there are around 265 assaults carried out against shopworkers each day.

Paddy Lillis – Usdaw General Secretary explains: “Violence, threats and abuse against workers are amongst the great scourges of our society. The statistics are shocking and show that urgent action is required. Many UK workers are on the frontline of dealing with the public and that can mean they end up on the wrong side of a verbal or physical assault.”

Key facts about RISE™

How to reduce abuse, aggression and violence against shopworkers.

The RISE Programme™ was developed by TCM’s CEO, David Liddle, in partnership with a number of other bodies and organisations including The Safer Business Network, The Metropolitan Police and the British Retail Consortium. RISE draws on David’s (almost) thirty years experience of working with some of the toughest conflicts imaginable within communities, schools and in workplaces up and down the country. David has also drawn on his expertise as a Restorative Justice and Community Conferencing trainer and practitioner. All of this experience ensures that The RISE Programme™ is truly unique and delivers the right skills and strategies to help front line shopworkers, retailers, security personnel and door supervisors. The aim of RISE™ is to help delegates to spot, prevent and respond to verbal abuse and threats of violence. The programme also delivers the skills that delegates require to address shoplifting in a proactive and customer friendly manner thereby reducing levels of loss and shrinkage.

Programme Design and Delivery

RISE™ is delivered by TCM’s expert trainers as a blended learning programme comprising either half or a full day of classroom teaching plus online e-learning modules which support the delegates learning.

The programme can be adapted and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us on 0800 294 9787 or complete a short online enquiry form and we will call you straight back.

The RISE Programme from TCM

What learning objectives does The RISE Programme™ deliver?

As a result of participating in the RISE Programme, delegates will develop practical skills and strategies relating to:

  • Active listening skills and techniques.
  • The power of questioning and reframing.
  • Being aware of body language and nonverbal communication.
  • Building rapport and promoting a positive customer experience.
  • How the brain works during  conflict or threat (neuroscience) and the benefits of Positive Psychology.
  • Social and emotional intelligence and how these can take the heat out of a difficult situation.
  • Negotiation skills – securing a win/win outcome to a difficult situation.
  • Spotting and responding to micro aggressions.
  • The vital de-escalation techniques required to prevent harm and loss.
  • Dealing with mental health issues.
  • Staying safe – what to do when dialogue won’t work.
The RISE Programme from TCM

What are the benefits of attending The RISE Programme™?

The benefits include:

  1. Delegates develop great customer service skills which are universally valuable.
  2. Retailers should see a reduction in loss due to theft and a reduction in acts of violence against their employees and other customers.
  3. The workplace will be safer and healthier as issues are resolved at an earlier stage thereby reducing the risk of violence or aggression.
  4. The course aligns employee experience with customer experience thereby increasing levels of employee engagement and overall customer service.
  5. As a result of issues being resolved in a satisfactory manner, retailers will experience a reduction in employee sickness and associated costs and absence levels.
  6. The employer brand will be enhanced due to the investment they are making in their people. Good employer branding is proven to increase the retention and recruitment of staff.
  7. The retailer will be seen to aligning their core values with the way that staff are treated. This is about employers ‘walking the talk’.
The RISE Programme from TCM

The Grocer Magazine features The RISE Programme™

The RISE Programme recently featured in an article about retail crime and theft published by The Grocer Magazine

The full article is available from the Grocer Magazine by clicking here or you can download a PDF of the article by clicking here

The RISE Programme from TCM

Managing Conflict by David LiddleManaging Conflict. A practical guide to resolution in the workplace (Kogan Page/CIPD)

David Liddle’s new book, Managing Conflict (CIPD/Kogan Page), provides numerous toolkits and checklists to help employees, managers and HR to resolve conflict constructively and to de-escalate difficult situations. It includes case studies from Tesco, Arcadia Group, The Metropolitan Police, Capgemini and many, many others.

‘David Liddle has written an incredibly useful book that shows how to measure the costs of conflict in any workplace, and how to prevent and resolve it.  It is insightful and immensely practical, and I recommend it highly.’ Kenneth Cloke, best selling author and thought leader. 

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