Speak Out and Listen Up

Ensure your staff feel safe to speak out when issues arise and listen up when concerns are raised

When things go wrong in any workplace, we need to make sure that lessons are learnt and future behaviours are improved. This can also be extended to situations where staff notice a potential for something to go wrong. When speaking up, or raising a concern before an issue actually develops, harm can be prevented, and opportunities for improvement identified.

Recent studies have suggested that almost 80% of witnessed or experienced workplace bullying, yet almost 50% didn’t report it. The same can be true for a variety of issues including harassment, and employee misconduct.

Common reasons for staff not speaking up include a fear of repercussions, or a damaging impact on their career. They may also fear further mistreatment, including bullying, or that their concern won’t be taken seriously/ effectively dealt with. The fear-factor for employees, in speaking out against such behaviours is such that it’s like the ‘iceberg’ theory of reporting – we only ever see the tip and never what lies beneath the surface.

The key is to create a psychologically safe environment for employees to speak out and feel confident that they can do so without the fear of reprisal. But that’s just one aspect. The other is to provide employees with the trust that when they do speak out, the organisation takes action and listens to what is being said.

The TCM Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™

Creating a safe and confidential method for employees to ‘speak out’ against wrongdoing in the workplace

More and more organisations have created open, trusting, respectful and diverse workplace cultures by promoting a speak out approach. Organisations who encourage open dialogue between employees and senior executives create huge benefits for their staff.

The Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™ is a foundation for helping organisations to build a safe and confidential method for employees to ‘speak out’ against wrongdoing in the workplace.

It also enables organisations to integrate a process to ‘Listen up’ to what is being said, what is not being said, how to manage confidential reports and build trust and respect within the organisation by taking positive action.

The two aspects are designed to help create a psychologically safe environment and culture in the workplace.

Programme Design and Delivery

The Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™ is delivered by TCM’s expert trainers as a blended learning programme comprising of a full day of classroom (or remote) teaching plus online e-learning modules which support the delegates learning.

The programme can be adapted and tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us on 0800 294 9787 or complete a short online enquiry form and we will call you straight back.

What learning objectives does the Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™ deliver?

As a result of participating in the Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™, delegates will develop practical skills and strategies relating to:

  • An understanding of psychological safety, and how to create such an environment for the employees within your organisation
  • Knowledge of the ‘Fear’ factor, and the role it can play in preventing employees from feeling safe to speak out
  • Using the TCM CARE Model to create a safe speak out culture within your organisation
  • Effective policy design and development to provide a confidential process for reporting wrongdoing
  • Implementation of a dedicated call line with trained operators to receive confidential complaints
  • Design of a triage process for determining the most appropriate solution for a range of complaints
  • Ensuring for a robust, objective and thorough response, delivered by designated trained investigators

What are the benefits of attending The Speak Out and Listen Up Programme™?

The benefits include:

  1. Delegates will understand the psychological theory that underpins employee’s fear in speaking out about concerns in the workplace
  2. You’ll be equipped to help create a psychologically safe environment and workplace culture
  3. The development of an organisational culture where concerns are raised early on and learnt from to prevent future mistakes
  4. You’ll create a happier, healthier workplace, where employees are not subjected to the negative impacts of fear
  5. You’ll be equipped to ensure that your organisation has a thorough and robust system in place for investigating serious issues

Reviews and Recommendations of The TCM Group

“TCM are without question a professional outfit, every member of staff was knowledgable, courteous and engaging. An excellent location and facilitators, friendly staff, good environment and pacing and delivery of content was pertinent and conductive to learning. Would definitely recommend!” Jonathon Williams- Leadership Facilitator at Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust

“David and his team were superb to work with in every way, generous with their time, inspiring and motivating… they delivered fantastic training and worked with staff at all levels as experts in conflict management. David was both emphatic and intuitive, he made it easy to work with and he was very supportive to me as a client. He is a genuinely nice person trying to make a difference in people’s lives… highly recommend.” Cathe Gaskell- B&H specialist at London Ambulance Service 

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‘David Liddle has written an incredibly useful book that shows how to measure the costs of conflict in any workplace, and how to prevent and resolve it.  It is insightful and immensely practical, and I recommend it highly.’ Kenneth Cloke, best selling author and thought leader. 

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