Planning & Decision Making

Maintaining an ambitious, yet realistic plan is essential for managers to be able to prioritise effectively. They need to ensure that all the most important elements of their work and responsibilities, long and short term, are accounted for to achieve individual and team goals, and for organisation purpose.

We know that over recent years change has become an ongoing part of life for most managers. Being able to plan effectively and take decisions that stand up to scrutiny in an agile and rationale manner is a core competency. The response to change in terms of planning and decision making can be overwhelming for managers and have a significant detrimental impact on team performance.  As the workload becomes too much to manage in an orderly and prioritised manner, the morale of their team can suffer. So can their own self-esteem as they question their own leadership capability.

Decision making can also suffer and if we have learned anything from the past year it is that external forces can quickly disrupt well-laid plans and cause even the most recently agreed decisions and plans to be quickly reversed for good reason. This is what we call dynamic decision making. This is a core aspect of resilience and when managers are resilient they can maintain composure, avoid being overwhelmed and ensure decision making is timely, compassionate, logical and sound. Even so if changing events demand frequent adaptation.

In this one-day management training programme, managers will develop the understanding, skills and the confidence to work in a resilient manner in times of change, or as they step up to take on a new and varied workload. They will develop competency in applying the TCM Dynamic Decision Making Tool, in planning, and organisation methodologies for managers to use in a wide range of scenarios.

Cost: £295 + VAT per delegate. Contact us for our latest in-house prices.


Develop a structured approach to prioritising and planning using a range of best practice tools and processes.

Understand and be capable to use the TCM Dynamic Decision Making Model individually and to facilitate groups decision making capability.

Develop the capability to build clearly defined goals in any decision making or planning scenario and keep group focus on achieving that.

Become able to shift plans and make decisions according to a rapidly changing situation, with key measures in place. This ensures that even when plans and decisions change, the rationale is clear and can stand up to contemporary and future scrutiny.

“I always enjoy training from TCM. Their team and content are both on topic and highly engaging!” - Claire Neeson, HR Manager at Royal British Legion

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