Coaching Skills for Managers

A manager who is a good coach will create a culture where employees trust each other, and value other team members’ performances as much as their own. During the course, managers will develop a mindset for coaching and develop the skills to coach with confidence. 

Coaching is a powerful management skill to help managers to support the personal development of their team members, problem-solve and innovate at a team or individual level, lead for change and resolve conflict. This is not designed to develop the skills of a professional executive coach, which would require a more in-depth level of training. It is designed to develop the skills for managers to use coaching effectively to manage their teams on a day-to-day basis. They’ll become able to adopt a transformational leadership approach to manage their teams and work more effectively as a team member with their colleagues.

Following the course, participants will have access to support from the trainer to ask questions and they will have access to our alumni association, The Institute of Organisation Dynamics. Membership provides a wide range of professional development resources to help them to continue in their manager as coach journey.

This is an online, fully interactive facilitator-led course designed to develop managers’ capability to use coaching as a leadership style and as an approach to manage a wide range of scenarios such as:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Problem-solving
  • Supporting personal development
  • Influencing without position power to achieve win/win situations
  • Adopting a mindset of abundance rather than win/lose
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Developing responsibility in team members to create solutions

Suitable for all types of managers, from team leaders to senior executives, HR professionals and trade union representatives.

Cost: £295 + VAT per delegate. Contact us for our latest in-house prices.


Develop a mindset for appreciative enquiry as an effective way to create awareness in others of possible routes of action and self-awareness.

Understand the 6 different styles of leadership and the role of the coaching style leading a team to manage performance and promote innovation. Leaders will be able to adopt a coaching style in their professional and personal lives more generally.

Acquire greater adaptability as an emotional intelligence competency as coaching can be used to engage critical and evaluative thinking skills essential in dynamic and ongoing change.

Manage situations where the manager doesn’t have all the skills or expertise to provide direct instructions but can use coaching to unleash capability in others with specialist skills through appreciative, creative and critical questioning.

Handle conflict at an earlier point, nipping issues in the bud through a coaching approach and be able to demonstrate impartial, objective support to parties in conflict to help them reach positive solutions.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training, it was very practical, and I can see it having a very positive impact for me in my role and overall for the business. I will use what I have learnt straight away and as much as possible when managers approach me for advice, problem-solving and by listening and coaching them to solve themselves.” - Samantha McKay, HR Administrator at Harry Corry

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