ENGAGE LEADERSHIP. Values, behaviours and competencies

Define and embed your organisational values, expected behaviours and competencies

Organisations work with TCM to embed their values and define behavioural and competency frameworks. Contact us to find out how we can optimise your culture for sustained high performance.

TCM help organisations create values-based high performance in three ways:

Defining and creating connection to values

Values define what an organisation stands for and exists to do. When they are shared and owned by all employees they create a powerful sense of connection, essential for high performance. When this engagement breaks down collaboration, focus and energy towards goals suffer.  TCM partner with  HR and OD professionals and executive teams to develop values that are meaningful for people working in their organisations.   We want values to be lived and talked about, as a driver of people centred, high performance cultures.  Our frameworks help organisations to do that, so values  don’t just exist on plaques on office walls and inside corporate brochures but represent the everyday approach to work across all teams.

Behavioural Frameworks

Values can create clarity on behaviours that are valued and those which aren’t. TCM work with organisations to create behavioural frameworks that help people understand how they can live the values, how they can role model these for their team members. They also define which behaviours are misaligned and can help people understand what is expected and understand feedback they receive from managers in terms of values and behaviour.

Competency Frameworks

Competencies describe the skills behaviours and attitudes required for different roles in an organisation. They link directly to the values as they describe what people are required to do and how they do it. The framework includes details such as how managers and talent management specialists can assess performance in line with competencies. They set out approaches to developing competencies for current or future roles. They also provide detail on these differ at the various levels in an organisation.

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