Customer First


We have been accredited with Customer First since May 2013, and we have retained this status to this day in 2021.

Having re-accredited our organisation at every opportunity since our first accreditation in 2013, we have been continually seeking to improve. Our initial driver was to be recognised by an official accrediting body to show concretely to our customers that we endeavour to put them first, as a values-based organisation. Since our first round of feedback eight years ago, we have wanted to maintain the set of standards given by Customer First and show our dedication to being a people-centred business. Having our Customer First status allows us to put some substance behind policies that we naturally follow anyway, building an evidential portfolio for our clients to see.



The TCM Group has a clear vision for the future: “to empower people and organisations to adopt new approaches to dispute and complaints resolution; workplace relations; human resources and leadership development”. Clients are identified at the first point of contact and supported so that they can benefit from all the programmes run by the group in order to tackle these issues.

The hardships and obstacles enforced by the past year’s pandemic placed unanticipated pressures on our company, and we have been working harder than ever to ensure that we are providing support for our customers. So, for us, our re-accreditation gave us recognition and praise that all of the hard work that we have put in, since our last report in May 2019, has gone to good use. Looking back at our previous assessment, it also highlighted how far we’ve come in just two years as we now have no improvements to be made. Our report recognises our refusal to stand still, even in the face of adversity, seeing all challenges as an opportunity for growth and improvement.




Over the past eight years, Customer First has helped to bring our words into positive action. Thanks to their ongoing support and recommendations, we are now at a point of total pride in the intersection between our organisation, our staff, and our values. Retaining an unwavering allegiance to Customer First has helped us to cultivate and maintain our own loyal customers.

Customer information is currently recorded via Salesforce. This continues to be effective and it helps to target different client groups very effectively. We have also implemented a marketing automation system to facilitate tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions.



Going through the Customer First journey always brings our values to the forefront of our minds. It’s something that has always been part of our manifesto, as a customer-facing company, but participating in the experience helps to shape our approach and gives practical guidance that we can then implement into our organisational structure. It provokes our team and consultants into thinking about how these values underpin aspects of their jobs and interactions with clients, acting as a gentle reminder.

As a growing business, having recently recruited for both our head office and consultancy, it means that we can actively seek out potential employees based on this clear set of values that puts the customer first. This ensures that we are growing our business in line with our culture, thus impacting upon our continuing success.

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